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“Lotsa meat…”

Excellent barbecue, friendly folks, no-frills restaurant. I travel the I-81 corridor all the time, and this will join my rotation of quick lunch spots. Lotsa meat, good variety of sauces (I really liked the hot one) — perfect for the occasion

William Clyburn

“Hush puppies, banana pudding, fried green tomatoes, sweet potato casserole were all great.”

“Brisket and pork bbq quite good. 5 sauce choices. Lots of seating – maybe 25 seats in the restaurant, plus a screened porch, outside picnic tables and a ‘pig pen’ air conditioned shed with another 30 seats or so …

Hush puppies, banana pudding, fried green tomatoes, sweet potato casserole were all great.”

Karen W

“Good variety of food at a great price!”

Food was very good! They followed the cdc guidelines and were very nice. The menu has a good variety of food at a great price! After ordering we got our food delivered in about 10 minutes. We ate outside and they brought it to us with no problems. Again the food tasted very good and I’d certainly recommend due south BBQ to anyone passing by

Jonathon Hounsell

“Will keep coming back for more…”

Delicious smoked BBQ, good combo deals (favorite is the brisket/pork). Some of the sides are better than others, the fried green tomatoes and fried okra are great choices. Don’t skip their desserts! Restaurant is really clean and staff is friendly, have eaten there 4 times so far and will keep coming back for more

Jeremy Kleiner

“This is a must stop for travelers…”

Not a local, but assume this terrific joint is extremely popular with residents. Loved their signature Sweet Brown sauce, and whether pulled pork, ribs or chicken the meats were all top notch. Friendly staff and easily accessed off the highway, this is a must stop for travelers hankering for some tasty, unique vittles in an adorable shack!

Paul Thomas

“…every aspect is just spot on.”

“The ribs and pulled pork we order were juicy and tender. Their marinade is pleasant but not strong so that you can choose your favorite sauces out of 5 of their collections. Service is also good and fast.”

Shuo Mao

“One of the best restaurants I’ve ever been to”

One of the best restaurants I’ve ever been to. great food, good prices, nice portions, friendly and fast service. everything we ordered was delicious. look forward to my nexr visit. try it, its wonderful

Jennifer Clark

“One of the best restaurants I’ve ever been to”

“Couldn’t find a better place to have an authentic BBQ experience, after a long racing trip with my buddies we got to this place and the food, the service and the BBQ Sauce were amazing! Best way to find out is to try it.”

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