Due South offers barbecue ribs and other comfort food classics in Roanoke.

January 15, 2024

Origin: How We Came to Bring You Comfort Food!

Though Due South has only been in Roanoke for a few years, it’s been an iconic Southwest Virginia Barbeque Joint since 2007. That’s when the original owners opened the first location in Christiansburg. That location has since closed, and the Roanoke restaurant is under new ownership, but the Singh brothers are keeping up the tradition of bringing delicious barbeque and other flavorful comfort food to SW Virginia diners.

Here’s their story!

Roop and DJ Singh bought Due South Barbeque on July 1, 2023. The brothers had been Roanoke entrepreneurs for a while since getting into the business of selling ink cartridges. Unfortunately (or fortunately for barbeque lovers), they saw that business was heading more to online shopping, which is part of what set them on the path to getting into the smoked meat business. 

Due West – Bringing the Comfort Food

Roop and DJ came to Roanoke with their parents all the way from Northern India when they were still just kids. In their teens, they attended Hidden Valley High School. It set them up for loving the area and wanting to contribute to it with their own business ventures, but that doesn’t mean they never missed their original home – and if there is anyone who can understand the value of comfort food – it’s people who moved away from where their traditional food is made.  

While the traditional comfort food dishes in their home may be different from what you get at Due South, the Singhs still know good food when they taste it! And they make everything from scratch on premises, from smoking the brisket for 12 hours to creating their own house-made barbeque. Roop says that one day, they may add some North Indian food to the specials menu. 

Comfort food is different for different people, but the Singh brothers want Due South to be your go-to SW Virginia spot for it! 

Help a Brother Out

Owning and operating a restaurant takes a lot of work! So, having a brother to help you comes in handy. Roop and DJ have a division of labor that suits their particular set of skills. 

DJ is the culinary artist. He loves to be in the kitchen and is the master chef behind all the comfort food you enjoy when you dine at Due South. 

Roop is the operations manager. He focuses on the business side of things, making sure they have the right products and staff to keep Due South running like a well-oiled machine. Roop manages the people and the business along with GM Naji, who is a big part of the story too!

Roop had been training to become a manager with Due South when Naji heard it was being sold and approached Roop with the information. The rest is history!

Get Your Comfort Food Fix at Due South

Today, Due South offers delicious comfort food favorites like smoked meats, including ribs, wings, and brisket, as well as hush puppies, banana pudding, and more. We’re proud to have recently been added to the “Most Loved” status on DoorDash, so on a cold day, why not stay in and have someone bring you something tasty from the Brothers Singh?


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