December 15, 2023

Smoked Meat is the Perfect Gift for the Roanoker on Your List

No matter what holidays you celebrate or when you observe them, if you bet that a large portion of that celebration revolves around something delicious, the odds will be in your favor. Whether it’s latkes, ham, chocolate, or something particular to your own family, we bet you’re already looking forward to getting together with your loved ones and eating something good! So what better way to say happy holidays than smoked meat? 

Smoked Meat Is My Love Language

As our first and most literal form of nourishment, for many of us, food is love, and exceptional food is even more loving! Knowing that someone took the time to prepare something for you (or spent money on something lovingly crafted) is a shorthand for saying you care. 

And is there any more loving food preparation than smoking? 

Smoking meat, like showing love, takes time and care. Even though we might all enjoy a pop-tart every once in a while, you can’t take the same approach to BBQ! You need the perfect blend of spices, sometimes the proper brine, heat, a homemade sauce, and that most magic ingredient – time!

Do you know how long it takes to smoke our meat? Both our smoked brisket and smoked pork are in our hickory smokers for 12 hours! When you take that much time to do something, you better love the process and the result. 

Smoked Meat and the Holidays

In many cultures, smoked meat is inherently celebratory. Smoked ham and turkey, in particular, are popular in the US and many other countries for Christmas, Easter, and New Year. Brisket has long been a popular Hannukah dish. 

And expanding out to other holidays or regions, is there anything more quintessential for an American summer than a 4th of July BBQ? Germany’s Octoberfest is full of smoked sausage in addition to the beer that makes it famous. Luaus and pig roasts are feasts that are held during the happiest of group occasions.

But traditionally, it took a lot of people to enjoy a feast like that, so it’s nice in the modern age to know that you can stop by a local barbecue restaurant like Due South to enjoy just the amount that you need.

The Perfect Gift (or Gift Card!)

With all that love and tradition, wouldn’t it be irresponsible not to get your loved one smoked meat this holiday season? Don’t you want them to know you love them? 

You can preorder smoked hams and turkeys for your table, or if you have your own traditions to celebrate, buy your favorite people Due South Gift Cards! Then, they can get their favorite ribs, wings, brisket, burgers, and more whenever they’re in the mood. 

Do you know what else makes a great stocking stuffer? Our housemade barbeque sauces! No matter what region of barbeque is your favorite, we have the stuff to remind you of home: sweet, spicy, tangy, and more! And what better than a sauce that makes anything delicious for the vegan on your list? Not sure about someone’s favorite? Try a gift card!

At Due South, we’re proud to offer delicious, thoughtfully prepared smoked meats and other dishes for your holiday table and beyond.

Have a lovely holiday season and a fantastic new year!


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