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June 15, 2024

Homemade Food, Homemade Sauces

There’s nothing like homemade food. People love that we make all our food from scratch in-house. Our customers have left us some great reviews, focusing on the authenticity of our in-house smoking, sides, and more. 

We love our customers and always appreciate their reviews. And, today, we’re focusing on one of the things our customers love the most—a subcategory of our homemade food: our homemade sauces. 

Each of our barbeque sauces is made in-house and comes from a rich regional barbeque tradition in a different area of the United States. Let’s break each one down!

Sweet Brown

If there’s a quintessential barbeque sauce that springs to most people’s minds when they hear the term “barbeque sauce,” it’s our Sweet Red. With the top two ingredients of brown sugar and molasses and a root beer finish, this is not the top choice for those watching their sugar, but to many, this sticky, sweet barbeque treat is barbeque. 

Also known as Kansas City barbeque, the other ingredients in our Sweet Brown are two types of onion (dried and diced), ketchup, mustard, apple cider vinegar, and a spice mix of salt, pepper, and mustard. This is the gourmet version of the barbecue sauce you get with store-bought BBQ wings. 

Sweet Red

Sweet Brown’s sweet cousin, Sweet Red, marries Sweet Brown’s sticky sweetness with the stronger tomato flavor that makes it popular in the southwestern United States. If you like your sauces tomato-forward but don’t want to give up that sweetness, Sweet Red is for you. 

Though many of the ingredients are the same, we change the spice mix and give the ketchup a heavier hand. 

Hot Red

Sweet Red’s evil twin, Hot Red, keeps the consistency and tomato base of Sweet Red but adds a whole lot of spice! Instead of brown sugar, we use white sugar to let the peppers really shine in this award-winning spicy and fiery variety. 


Lexington is our vinegar-based barbecue sauce that originated in our neighbor to the South, North Carolina. North Carolina-based barbecue sauce is more liquidy as its base is apple cider vinegar. To that, we add spices and just the right amount of white sugar for a sauce that doesn’t mask its sour vinegar origin. 


Finally, there’s our Mustard Barbecue sauce. Though it’s frequently associated with South Carolina, many barbecue scholars (yep, it’s a thing) believe the mustard-based sauce, along with the word (and tradition) of the barbecue, originated right here in Virginia. 

We have a soft spot for Mustard barbecue because of its Virginia routes, and you could say that we sort of sneak-dropped a blog about it already when we wrote Virginia is for Barbeque Lovers. 

So What Is Our Favorite Homemade Barbeque Sauce for Homemade Food? 

At Due South, we know better than to wade into controversial politics, so we would never be foolhardy enough to put our own views on the best barbeque sauce in print! Everyone has their favorite, and that’s ok! With that said, if you want a recommendation with your next round of pulled pork or other smoked meat, don’t be shy to ask for a little help!


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