Barbeque is perfect for Roanoke area graduation parties

May 15, 2024

Roanoke Graduation Parties

We are right in the middle of graduation season. Some college students have already had their big days, while others and high school seniors still have theirs coming. So how will you celebrate the special grad in your life? There’s no better way to tell someone they’ve done good and prepare them for what’s next than with barbeque! And Due South is here for your graduation parties and celebratory dinners!

Graduation Parties

We briefly touched on this in last month’s blog on barbeque catering, but graduation season is a great time to bring it up again! If you want to throw a party for your child or another special person in your life who is about to embark on the next stage in their life after school, then Due South can help!

We won’t DJ the graduation parties for you, but we can provide the food. Barbeque is the perfect food for a graduation party. It’s delicious and can be casual or a little more formal. It also signals the start of cookout season—but when we cater, you get the cookout without the cooking!

Depending on how much help you’d like, you can either pick up the food for any of your graduation parties yourself or hire Due South to cater the whole event. With our catering, we’ll bring the food, set up the tables, serve your guests, and clean up when we’re done. So if you want to make your party easy so you can focus on your grad, we have the solution. 

We also have a banquet room if you’d like to reserve a space in the restaurant to really have us handle it all. 

Graduation Dinners

On the other hand…we’re not all party people. Sometimes, you want a nice dinner with your family, friends, or a combination of the two. And for some people, it’s not a celebration if you don’t go out to eat. 

We can help you there too!

Due South is conveniently located just down the street from Roanoke College and is conveniently located near all of the Roanoke City High Schools. We’re a nice spot to celebrate your big day. 

As we mentioned during a holiday blog, people have been using smoked meat to celebrate holidays and special occasions since people started celebrating. And nothing tastes more like accomplishment than our brisket, smoked wings, pulled pork, chicken, and tasty sides!

Want to Be a Little Saucy? – Plan Your Graduation Parties Later

On the day of your young grad’s graduation, there are going to be a lot of graduation parties! So it can be challenging to plan one that everyone can attend. Remember, you can also plan graduation parties a few days or weeks after graduation. You might get better attendance and find it’s less of a blur for everyone!

Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Graduation Day, Every Day

Due South would love for our housemade sauces and slow-smoked entress to be a part of everyone of your celebrations – from holidays and graduation parties to just being glad the week (or day!) is over. Come celebrate with Due South anytime, and we promise to treat you to a good meal and excellent service.


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