Due South provides Barbeque Catering for all your indoor and outdoor events

April 15, 2024

Barbeque Catering for Salem and Roanoke Events

With Spring here, barbeque season has begun in full force (not that you need a particular time of year to enjoy delicious smoked meat!). But as we know, barbeque means different things to different people, whether it’s the outdoor gathering, the meat you’re eating there, or the grill used to cook it! We can help you throw a killer gathering of your own with our easy-to-order barbeque catering. 

Fathers and Mothers and Grads, Oh My!

Spring’s mild weather makes it the perfect time of year for outdoor events, even if barbeques tend to be more common in the summer. Due South is here for your barbeque catering all year, but we know we’ve just entered the season where our chosen specialty is especially popular. 

Easter kicks off the season, and then it’s just one event after another from there! Whether your celebrating Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Graduation Day or a beautiful day outside, we have the catering package you need to make the day a hit. 

 Spring is also the start of wedding season! While some people prefer a formal sit-down dinner, barbeque catering is an excellent, less fussy option! Of course, if your wedding is formal and you’re concerned about getting delicious barbeque sauce on tuxes and dresses, barbeque catering can also provide a fun meal for your rehearsal dinner or bachelor or bachelorette parties. 

No matter where you want to eat it, we’ve got you covered, or to put it differently, you ‘que you!

Barbeque Catering for Any Occasion

Of course, you don’t need a wedding or holiday for barbeque catering. We’re here to provide delicious grilled meats for any outdoor (or indoor) occasion. If you want to host an office party or invite a few friends over for a meal, Due South is here to make it easy for you. 

Catering Makes Your Event Easy

For some party throwers, catering may seem almost like cheating. We feel like we need to do it all to throw the perfect bash, from picking the music to serving the food and cleaning up. But aren’t parties and other social gatherings really about spending time with the people you care about? 

You’ll already have to handle the scheduling, decorations, and cleanup. Why not let Due South take one thing off your plate by piling barbecue on it? 

What Do You Get with Our Local Barbeque Catering?

If you want an easy-for-you gathering with delicious food, we’ll provide everything you need! Our barbeque catering includes everything you need for a tasty meal, including the main dishes like brisket and pulled pork, delicious homemade sauces, and sides like mac and cheese and cole slaw. 

You can choose to buy the food only, or have our staff cater your whole event for a truly no fuss, mess-free event. With our staff on-site, we’ll deliver your food, serve it, and clean up after everyone’s eaten.

Who’s Hungry

We’re ready to give you the best backyard barbeque, celebration, or holiday you could want for your barbeque catering this Spring or Summer. You just need to decide what to eat and how much help you want. You ‘que you!


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