ABR filming us to feature as a Roanoke restaurant on America's Best Restaurants

March 15, 2024

We’re a Roanoke Restaurant on America’s Best Restaurants!

If you’ve been to Due South in the last few weeks, you may have noticed something different. The barbecue is still delicious, and the rubs and sauces are still homemade, but the crowds have gotten bigger. While we certainly believe that is built on the strength of our flavors, we also owe a big word of thanks to being a Roanoke restaurant on America’s Best Restaurants

So how did we get there, and what has it done for us? Today, we share the experience for those who couldn’t be there on February 20 when ABR dropped by.

What Is America’s Best Restaurants?

For the uninitiated, America’s Brest Restaurants is a popular web series that follows the familiar formula of a host traveling around the country and trying some of the best regional flavors. Host Theo Williams has tasted delicious dishes from coast to coast. 

Referral as Roanoke Restaurant on America’s Best Restaurant

We also owe our patrons some gratitude. Without you, we couldn’t have become a Roanoke restaurant on America’s Best Restaurants. The path to America’s Best Restaurants begins with a nomination. 

You can find a spot on the ABR website to nominate some of your favorite restaurants. Some of our customers decided to nominate us! Chris’s Coffee and Custard is joining us as a Roanoke Restaurant on America’s Best Restaurant, so congratulations to the team there, too!

The Next Step – Vetting

It takes more than a nomination to get on ABR. Once they get interest in a particular restaurant, they send someone out to vet it. That starts with tasting the food. 

Our customers will be unsurprised to hear our tasty barbecue did well on that front!

Then they ask us questions. They were impressed to learn that we make our sauces and rubs in-house and smoke our meats for many hours before serving.

Scheduling and Taping

Once we passed the vetting process, ABR scheduled the filming day. To our excitement, they told us that Due South was to be featured as a Roanoke Restaurant on America’s Best Restaurants. Then, they set up a day for taping. 

On February 20, a three-person crew came out to film at Due South for several hours. There was a cameraman, a lighting guy, and, of course, the host. We had enough time to let our customers know it was happening, and we were very appreciative of the amazing community support on the day of filming and afterward. 

Roanoke Restaurant on America’s Best Restaurants and Regional Recognition

In addition to being featured on America’s Best Restaurants itself (Due South’s video will be posted soon) we were also live-streamed during the filming. As a result of getting this National recognition, many regional publications have also expressed interest in Due South. 

Many people didn’t realize how much we do in-house or that we are independent of the Christiansburg location until we were recognized by ABR. Since then, WSLS, the Roanoke Tribune, the City of Roanoke, and  Virginia Tech New have all featured stories about us. 

Since the day we were featured, we haven’t had a slow day! So thank you, ABR, and thank you, Roanoke. Keep coming, and we’ll keep smoking!


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